Do I need a 3D printer?

Do I need a 3D printer? Someone asked me this question recently; at that moment I realized I had never asked myself that same question. Sure I want one, but do I need one? I can come up with probably fifty things I would make with one right this very moment, but none of those things feel like a need. It is more like just a very strong want. I want a 3D printer so I can make some random odds and ends and explore this rapidly growing technology. I think the fact that none of us really need a 3D printer just yet is what keeps this technology from hitting the main stream. The full realm of what we can make with these things is just being discovered, and until someone makes something that we can’t live without it may just stay a want and not a need for the next ten years. With that being said I still think I am going to order one in 2015. There is something refreshing about a push into new technology that makes me want to be an early adopter. What are your views on the subject? Do you need a 3D printer? What would you make with one?